UNI-T oscilloscopes

UNI-T is mainly known for its multimeters but also offers a range of oscilloscopes. The UNI-T oscilloscopes have a good set of specifications at an affordable price.

  1. UNI-T UTD1025CL Multimeter/Scope

    214.05 €214.05 Excl. VAT
    25 MHz scope en 4.000 count multimeter in een Learn More

  2. UNI-T UTD2052CEX oscilloscope

    214.05 €214.05 Excl. VAT

    UNI-T UTD2052CEX 2 channel oscilloscope 50MHz

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  3. UNI-T UTD1050DL Multimeter/Scope two channels

    313.22 €313.22 Excl. VAT
    2CH 50 MHz scope and 4000 count multimeter Learn More

  4. UNI-T UTD2102CL+ oscilloscope


    Regular Price: €194.21

    Now: €164.46 Excl. VAT

    UNI-T UTD2102CL+ 2 channel oscilloscope 100MHz

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  5. UNI-T UT81C handheld multimeter/oscilloscope

    231.36 €231.36 Excl. VAT
    16 MHz scope and 4,000-count multimeter all-in-one Learn More

  6. UNI-T UPO2104E oscilloscope

    412.4 €412.40 Excl. VAT
    4 channels, 100MHz, 28Mpts (56 Mpts 1 channel), 80.000 wfms/s, 256-level intensity grading, RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, USB, LAN Learn More

  7. UNI-T UTD2025CL oscilloscope

    198.35 €198.35 Excl. VAT

    UNI-T UTD2025CL Oscilloscope bandwith 25MHz 1mV/div~20V/div

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  8. UNI-T UPO3254E oscilloscope

    1128.1 €1,128.10 Excl. VAT

    UNI-T UPO3254E 4-channel oscilloscope 250MHz real-time waveform recording and playback.

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