1. Zeroplus LAP-C 16000 series logic analyzer

    99.17 €99.17 Excl. VAT
    100-200 MS/s, 16 channels, 32-128 Kbit memory, extended software Learn More

  2. Zeroplus logic analyser LAP-C Pro series

    818.18 €818.18 Excl. VAT
    Pro version of LAP-C analysers, USB3.0 streaming support and 2GHz sample rate Learn More

  3. Zeroplus LAP-F1 series

    4008.26 €4,008.26 Excl. VAT
    Up to 64 channels and 64 Mb of memory per channel with 200 MHz bandwidth Learn More

  4. Zeroplus USB2.0 capture board

    173.51 €173.51 Excl. VAT
    Analyse USB2.0 communication, equipped with device- and host-port. Learn More