1. 0-15V 2A power supply with LCD screens

    37.19 €37.19 Excl. VAT
    LCD screens, 0-15V, 0-2A Learn More

  2. MATRIX APS-7300 AC Power Source

    1147.5 €1,147.50 Excl. VAT
    AC, 0-310V, 3kVA, clear interface, OCP, OTP, overload protection Learn More

  3. Rohde & Schwarz NGU201COM


    Regular Price: €8,020.00

    Now: €6,995.00 Excl. VAT

  4. Rigol DP821 power supply

    549 €549.00 Excl. VAT
    2 channels, 0-60V/0-1A, 0-8V/0-10A, 140W, programmable Learn More

  5. Matrix MPS-3206 power supply 0-32V 0-6A

    65.29 €65.29 Excl. VAT
    Matrix MPS-3206, 0-32V 0-6A power supply Learn More

  6. Atten TPS300P power supply

    147.93 €147.93 Excl. VAT
    Very versatile lab power supply 0-75V and 0-10A (max 300W) Learn More

  7. Korad KA6005P power supply

    161.16 €161.16 Excl. VAT
    DC, 0-60V, 0-5A, programmable, adjustment precision: 10mV/1mA Learn More

  8. MATRIX APS-7100 AC Power Source

    574.38 €574.38 Excl. VAT
    AC, 0-310V, 1kVA, clear interface, OCP, OTP, overload protection Learn More

  9. Matrix MPS-3033X power supply

    288.43 €288.43 Excl. VAT
    This three-channel DC power supply has a resolution of 1mV / 1mA. Learn More

  10. Korad KA3005P power supply

    90.91 €90.91 Excl. VAT
    Popular, programmable lab power supplies with an excellent price/quality ratio and an accuracy of 10mV / 1mA. Learn More