This category is meant to make a simpler choice, because we have a wide range of multimeters in which you can't find your way very quickly. This list of multimeters is exactly what you can use to get an idea of which meters are right and cost-effective.

Price performance is always an important, you obviously want the best meter for the price. On this the sorting is also based, the Fluke for example is the benchmark in the electronics world, therefore it can not be missing in a top 5.

  1. UNI-T UT133B multimeter

    16.49 €16.49 Excl. VAT

    UNI-T UT133B multimeters 6.000 count display fast&accurate capacitance measurement.

    Learn More

  2. Brymen BM235 multimeter

    71.07 €71.07 Excl. VAT
    3-5/6 digits, 1000V, 10A, True RMS Learn More

  3. UNI-T UT139C multimeter

    43.76 €43.76 Excl. VAT
    6,000-Count multimeter, extensive functionalities Learn More

  4. Fluke 115 True RMS multimeter

    198.35 €198.35 Excl. VAT
    True-RMS digital multimeter, 600V AC&DC, 10A AC&DC, CAT III 600V Learn More

  5. Brymen BM869s multimeter

    172.73 €172.73 Excl. VAT
    High-end multimeter with 0.02% DC accuracy up to 1000 V Learn More

  6. Owon OW18B multimeter

    33.02 €33.02 Excl. VAT
    3 5/6 digits, 6000 counts, multimeter, data logger and thermometer, connection via Bluetooth Learn More

  7. Brymen BM257s multimeter

    88.43 €88.43 Excl. VAT
    Multimeter with a DC accuracy of 0.2%, can measure up to 1000V Learn More

  8. Fluke 179 True-RMS Multimeter

    379.34 €379.34 Excl. VAT
    Multimeter with all key measuring functionalities and a lifetime guarantee. Learn More

  9. UNI-T UT71D Multimeter

    157.02 €157.02 Excl. VAT
    40.000 count multimeter with large memory up to 10.000 measurements Learn More

  10. Fluke 87V True-RMS multimeter

    537.19 €537.19 Excl. VAT
    Probably the most used multimeter in the world. With lifelong warranty. Learn More