1. GM328A component tester

    18.14 €18.14 Excl. VAT
    Component tester, display, NPN/PNP transistor, FET, diode, dual diode, thyristor or SCR Learn More

  2. Peak SCR100 Atlas SCR

    103.31 €103.31 Excl. VAT
    Peak Atlas SCR thyristor en triac analyser. Learn More

  3. Peak Electronics Atlas ZEN50 Zener Diode Analyser

    51.65 €51.65 Excl. VAT
    Atlas ZEN50 Zener diode analyser. Tests Zener diodes, avalanche diodes, transient suppressors and even LEDs and LED strings. Learn More

  4. Peak Electronics DCA75 pro

    123.97 €123.97 Excl. VAT
    Semiconductor analysis device with USB Learn More