In this category you will find all probes for performing EMC pre-compliance tests.
  1. Active RF probe including RF cable

    24.75 €24.75 Excl. VAT
    0.1-1500MHz active RF probe Learn More

  2. Tekbox TBPS01 EMC near field probe set

    206.61 €206.61 Excl. VAT
    EMC pre-compliance test probes Learn More

  3. Tekbox TBCDN-50-150 50 ohm to 150 ohm adapter

    78.51 €78.51 Excl. VAT
    Tekbox TBCDN-50-150 50 ohm to 150 ohm adapter necessary for calibration of CDNs Learn More

  4. Tekbox TBPS01-TBHDR1 EMC Near-field Probe Set and RF Pre-Amplifier

    363.64 €363.64 Excl. VAT
    The Tekbox TBPS01-TBHDR1 set can be used for EMC measurements in a range of 30kHz - 1.5Ghz. It consists of 4 probes and an RF-preamplfier. Learn More

  5. Tekbox TBPS01-TBWA2 EMC near field probe set

    355.03 €355.03 Excl. VAT
    Tekbox set consisting of TBPS01 EMC near field probes set and the TBWA2 wideband RF amplifier. Learn More

  6. Owon EMI probe set

    275 €275.00 Excl. VAT
    Owon EMI probe set, 4 probes, 30MHz-3GHz Learn More

  7. Rigol NFP-3 Near Field Probe kit

    461.03 €461.03 Excl. VAT
    EMC diagnosis, 30 MHz - 3 GHz Learn More

  8. GW Instek GKT-008 EMI probe kit


    Regular Price: €780.00

    Now: €702.00 Excl. VAT

    GW Instek GKT-008 EMI probe kit Learn More

  9. COM-Power PS-400 near field probe set

    460 €460.00 Excl. VAT
    EMC pre-compliance near field probe set with a loop, broadband and fine tip probe Learn More

  10. Tekbox TBESDT1 ESD-Target

    1490 €1,490.00 Excl. VAT
    ESD target to take measurements compliant with the IEC 61000-4-2 Learn More