1. Silent ESD safe vacuum cleaner

    607.62 €494.00 Excl. VAT
    ESD safe vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter Learn More

  2. Quick 440A ionizer

    269.38 €219.01 Excl. VAT
    20W, 2.4m3/min, 45dB, ≤0.03ppm ozon production Learn More

  3. ESD wrist strap tester

    130.61 €106.19 Excl. VAT
    Permanent ESD wrist strap monitor. Acoustic and visual signalling. Learn More

  4. SRM-110 ESD surface resistance meter

    321.03 €261.00 Excl. VAT

  5. Quick 499D surface impedance tester

    270.6 €220.00 Excl. VAT
    Measuring range 10 2.5 - 10 12.5 Ω, resolution 0.1 digit, accuracy ±0.5 digit, Learn More

  6. MegaGuard Pro ESD meter

    365.9 €297.48 Excl. VAT
    The MegaGuard Pro ESD meter can measure the surface resistance and the resistance to the ground of mats, floors and other ESD-related objects. Learn More

  7. MegaGuard ProKIT ESD meter

    797.92 €648.72 Excl. VAT
    The MegaGuard ProKIT ESD meter can measure the surface resistance and leakage resistance. Extensive set. Learn More

  8. MegaGuard ProPlus ESD meter

    1350.97 €1,098.35 Excl. VAT
    The MegaGuard ProPlus ESD meter from Safeguard is a compact, versatile and easily to transport ESD meter. Learn More

  9. Metriso B530 Basic ESD meter

    1528.86 €1,242.98 Excl. VAT
    The Metriso B530 Basic ESD meter is a compact resistance meter, supplied with 3 probes and an extension. Learn More

  10. Cleanroom vacuum cleaner MV-1CR

    1621.36 €1,318.18 Excl. VAT
    ULPA U15 filter, designed for ISO4 class cleanrooms, ESD-safe Learn More