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The GM328A test components and shows the test results on the clear digital LCD screen. This tester automatically detects if a NPN/PNP transistor, FET, diode, dual diode, thyristor or SCR is connected and has an automatic identification of the pinout of the components.
With NPN and PNP transistors the common-emitter current gain factor and emitter threshold voltage from the emitter leakage current are measured. Furthermore, there is support for 2 resistance measurements that represent the positive and negative on-state voltage. From an FET, the gate threshold voltage and gate capacity are measured. This tester can also be used as a signal generator and frequency meter.
The tester comes with a transparent case that has yet to be put together. (This case can slightly differ from the pictures)

Attention! There is no adapter included with this product. A 9V battery can also be used with this cable.


Display160 x 128 LCD (37 x 30 mm)
Power supply6.8-12 V adapter (niet included)
Current30 mA
Resistance range (resolution)0 - 50 MΩ (0.01 Ω)
Capacitance range (resolution)25pF - 100mF (1 pF)
DC voltage range0 - 50 V
Frequency range1 Hz - 2MHz
PWM signal1 % - 99 %
Dimensions PCB78 x 62 mm

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GM328A manual
pdf (760.46 KB)

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