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The GM328A test components and shows the test results on the clear digital LCD screen. This tester automatically detects if a NPN/PNP transistor, FET, diode, dual diode, thyristor or SCR is connected and has an automatic identification of the pinout of the components.
With NPN and PNP transistors the common-emitter current gain factor and emitter threshold voltage from the emitter leakage current are measured. Furthermore, there is support for 2 resistance measurements that represent the positive and negative on-state voltage. From an FET, the gate threshold voltage and gate capacity are measured. This tester can also be used as a signal generator and frequency meter.
The tester comes with a transparent case that has yet to be put together. (This case can slightly differ from the pictures)

Attention! There is no adapter included with this product. A 9V battery can also be used with this cable.


Display160 x 128 LCD (37 x 30 mm)
Power supply6.8-12 V adapter (niet included)
Current30 mA
Resistance range (resolution)0 - 50 MΩ (0.01 Ω)
Capacitance range (resolution)25pF - 100mF (1 pF)
DC voltage range0 - 50 V
Frequency range1 Hz - 2MHz
PWM signal1 % - 99 %
Dimensions PCB78 x 62 mm

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Review by Simon 
Posted on 23/10/2022
Basically this is a good piece of equiment, especially for that price.
If the display is too dark, it might be, that instead of two 220R there have been 2kR been soldered on. One on the reverse of the display and one on the board itself. Just replace these by the correct 220R and you are good to go!
I bought two of these devices and both of them had this issue!