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The DCA75 pro by Peak Electronics is an analysis device for semiconductors. The measurement device can, amongst others, analyse bipolar and Darlington transistors, various MOSFETs, FETs, triac's thyrisistors, and multiple diodes like for example single colour LEDs.
Once a transistor is connected to the DCA75 it automatically initiates the analysis. It determines the type of semiconductor that is connected and measures the data specific to the type, for example, characteristic voltages or Pinout of the device. The user can browse through this data by pressing a button.

The DCA75 comes bundled with 3 test wires that can be connected to any pin of any semiconductor. The DCA75 recognizes the type of semiconductor and which pin each of the wires are connected to. A demo-video can be viewed to explain the possibilities of the DCA75 even further.

Differences between the DCA55 and the DCA75

The DCA75 is capable of measuring more types of semiconductors than the DCA55. Apart from that, the DCA75 can be connected to a pc via USB. With the supplied software, one can for example make U-I plots from components. These plots can then be exported to be used for other purposes. The screen of the DCA55 is alphanumeric, where the screen of the DCA75 is graphical. For comparison a table can be found here.


Types of semiconductors16 (check data-sheet)
Transistor gain measurement range2 - 32000
Diode forward voltage measurement accuracy± 2 %
Dimensions103 x 70 x 20 mm

For more information the data sheet or the manual can be viewed below.


All DCA75 devices come bundled with:

  • Manual
  • Measurement tips
  • USB cable
  • Flash-drive with software
  • Battery

Pros and cons

  • Large range of measurable semiconductors


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Review by Lars 
Posted on 10/08/2022
Really great tool with a lot of useful functions. Everyone working with semiconductors should have a DCA75 pro. Great value for money and fast shipping
Review by Samad 
Posted on 04/05/2021
Must have tool...Thanks eleshop.eu for Express shipping