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The Atten AT-989 is an analog 65W soldering station with a ceramic heating element. The AT-989 is an improved version of the popular AT-937. It features an easily switchable heating element (with connector) and a thin, silicone, flexible, heat resistant soldering cable.

The soldering station is completely ready to use which results in the AT-989 having a great price-quality ratio.


At a power output of 65W the soldering tip will warm up quickly, with a stability of 2°C to the desired temperature ensuring comfortable use. The temperature is set by turning the knob to the desired value. Once the desired temperature is reached the red LED in the right-hand corner will start blinking. This product includes a conical tip with a diameter of 0.5 mm. The standard supplied tip is fine for beginner-projects but there are multiple other shapes and sizes available for other applications. The different tips that are available for this station can be found via the blue button at the bottom of this page.

The station offers all basic functionalities and is a perfect addition to any work place.


Power 65 Watt
Temperature range 200 ~ 480 °C
Tip to ground potential <2 mV
Automatic stand-by yes
ESD-safe yes
Cable length 225 mm
Weight 1.8 kg
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All soldering stations in this series come bundled with:

  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering holder
  • Soldering tip (900M-T-B) (0,5 mm conical)
  • Sponge
  • Power cord

Pros and cons

  • Improved version of the popular Atten AT937
  • Very flexible thin soldering cable
  • Automatic stand-by
  • No display to read current temperature


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