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The Owon SPE3103 is a very compact single channel DC benchtop power supply with all the regular features such as over voltage (OVP) and over current protection (OCP). It has a high resolution at 10mV/1mA. The display is a high resolution 2.8" LCD which displays set, limit and momentary parameters. The SPE3103 allows you to monitor the voltage and current in real-time, using graphs on the display. You can store and edit up to 4 groups of output waveforms. The power supply can be hooked up to a host PC with USB and communicate via SCPI. It makes for a great, simple, slim form factor power supply with plenty of power for beginners.

Model overview

Model SPE3102 SPE3103 SPE6103
Voltage 0.01 - 30 V 0.01 - 30 V 0.01 - 60 V
Current 0.001 - 10 A 0.001 - 10 A 0.001 - 10 A
Output power 200 W 300 W 300 W


Resolution 10 mV / 1 mA
Extra features Automatically applying settings on power-on, front USB port
Memory 4 custom output waveforms
Display 2.8" colour LCD, 4 digits
Connectivity USB (SCPI)
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 226 x 82 x 142 mm (LxWxH)


All SPE series power supplies are delivered including:

  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • Fuse

Pros and cons

  • Very compact
  • SCPI
  • Audible fan noise
  • High ripple
  • Actual ripple higher than specified


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Review by Fabio 
Posted on 09/03/2023
It's the only bench DC Power Supply that I know showing the graph of Voltage and Current simultaneously, it means you can quickly verify when your powered projects have drawn power or not and for how long... it's IMMENSELY USEFUL.

Despite this the unit has its quirks and downsides like a very high noise, the fan does not slow down sufficiently it blows out dead cold air. The outflow comes from the sides... if you operate in cold environments it will make your hands go numb. The power switch is on the back (unpractical) and the screen doesn't have very good viewing angles.

The unit does not even come decently calibrated for power on the smaller scale which I had to do it myself resorting to the Internet as the procedure is not mentioned in the manual. Until there is a competitor that does the same things at this price point it's the unit to get... but OWON could have made it a lot better by properly placing the switch and adjusting the fan speed so that it's quiet when the power draw is modest... it blows very hard even when the DC output is off and the air around it is very cool (15°C).