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The ELE-PSU3010B is a compact, switched-mode DC power supply with a 4-digit display for accurately displaying voltage and current. Moreover, this power supply with stepless control has a large range up to 30 V and 10 A, with a high resolution of 10 mV and 1 mA. The lab power supply features a coarse tuner and a fine tuner for voltage and current which makes setting the correct voltage/current value an easy process. In addition, the power supply comes with a 5V USB output. Furthermore, the ELE-PSU3010B is designed to be used in laboratories, schools, product lines and other electronics workplaces.

A comparable power supply with a display with white instead of red values and an output on/off button can be found here.


Total power300 W
Voltage range0 ~ 30 V
Current range0 ~ 10 A
Display accuracy & -resolution0.5% + 2 digits ; Voltage: 10 mV ; Current: 1 mA
Eleshop noise rating ★ ★ ★ ★
Dimensions240 x 85 x 155 mm
Weight1.2 kg


The ELE-PSU3010B comes by default with:

  • EU power cord
  • Set test leads (4mm to aligator clip)

Pros and cons

  • Very powerful power supply
  • Excellent price/quality ratio


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