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The ESR70 gold by Peak Electronics is the ideal meter for anyone who works with capacitors. This meter does not only calculate capacity, but also the so called Equivalent series resistance. This value is the resistance caused by the capacitor in a circuit, which causes a voltage drop over the component. The ESR70 automatically detects when a capacitor is connected and starts the measurement instantaneously. The start of the measurement is signalled with a sound signal. To prevent any safety issues the meter discharges all capacitances after measurements.

When measurement values exceed the measurement range the ESR70 will give a sound signal to notify the user. Polarized capacitances (Electrolytic capacitor) are no problem for the ESR70, they can be connected either way around since the device will detect the polarity and measure accordingly. Using the ESR functionality the user can easily detect if a capacitor is still working as it should. Even when it's still soldered to the circuit.

Eleshop sells the new gold variant, with the 1.5V battery.


Max. capacitance90.000 µF
Capacitance precision±4% ±0.2 µF
ESR measurement range0 - 40 Ω
ESR resolution0.01 Ω
ESR precision±1,5% ± 0.2 Ω
Dimensions103 x 70 x 20 mm


All ESR70 gold devices come bundled with:

  • Manual
  • Gold-plated measurement tips, with separate crocodile clips
  • Battery

Pros and cons

  • Portable meter
  • ESR and capacitance measurements
  • Auto-discharge
  • Only suited for capacitors


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Review by Stasys 
Posted on 16/12/2023
Gavau greitai viskas ok!
Review by Integra Computers, obrt 
Posted on 07/06/2023
Fantastic instrument, Peak just need to made all in one device like multimeter with ESR, Component Tester and LRC tester.

or just made case for under the desk with 3 instruments ready to use.
Review by OM4YJ 
Posted on 13/02/2022
Very good measuring instrument.
- easy to calibrate with ON and OFF buttons
- power supply by 1.5 V, AAA torch
- very good instructions for use
- very good design