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The SM-4TP stereo microscope provides precise and clear images. A stereo microscope provides an in-depth image, making it possible to solder SMD components for example.

Trinocular and simul-focal

The SM-4TP is trinocular, which means that there is a third port available to connect a camera with the help of the C-mount adapter. The SM-4TP is simul-focal, so the camera can be used simultaneously with the two eyepieces.

7x to 45x magnification

The SM-4TP microscope offers a magnification from 7x to 45x at a maximum working height of 100mm. For use with electronics it is best to use a barlow lens 0.5x. This halves the magnification of the microscope and doubles the working distance (the distance between the lens and the working platform).

Double arm

The microscope has a solid base with a sound, dual arm that can be positioned freely. You can install it quickly on top of, for example, a PCB or the phone you want to repair. The dual arm can easily be pulled towards you and pushed away, as opposed to a single arm.

Model overview

Model SM-3T SM-3TP SM-4T SM-4TP SM-4TP Black ZM-4T
Arm Single Single Dual Dual Dual Dual
Magnification 7x - 45x 7x - 45x 7x - 45x 7x - 45x 7x - 45x 6.7x - 45x
Max. range 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm 22 mm
Simul-focal No
Included accessories - - - - 60 LED ring lighting,
Barlow lens 0.5x
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Dioptre correction+/- 5dp
Pupil spaceAdjustable (55-75 mm)
Shipping weight~ 25kg


LED ring lighting Without illumination, it can get very dark under a microscope. So don't forget to order lighting.


Dimmable LED ring for microscopes 60 leds
40.5 €40.50 Excl. VAT
Barlow lens 0.5x A barlow lens is mounted at the bottom of the microscope's lens, halves the microscope's magnification and doubles the working distance (the distance between the lens and the working platform).

Barlow lens 0.5x

0.5X barlow lens for microscopes
32.23 €32.23 Excl. VAT
C-mount adapter 0.35x A 0.35x C-mount adapter enables you to connect a camera to the microscope.

C-mount adapter 0.35x

Microscope C-mount adapter 0.35x (clamp type)
48.76 €48.76 Excl. VAT
2K camera A camera with HDMI output and storage capabilities with 2K resolution. If one would need a camera with a higher resolution, we would recommend the 4K camera.

2K camera

HDMI camera for microscope 1080p 60fps
205.79 €205.79 Excl. VAT
Premium rubber eyepieces Rubber eyepieces provide more comfort and reduces the incidence of light. (already included as standard)

Premium rubber eyepieces

Premium rubber eyepieces
6.61 €6.61 Excl. VAT

The microscope (tripod with arm, focus rack, eyepieces and lens) comes with rubber eyepiece protectors, premium rubber eyepieces and a dust cover.

The following article in the knowledge centre explains the principles of the microscope for electronics inspection: The microscope: an introduction

Pros and cons

  • Makes SMD soldering easier
  • High image quality
  • Solid implementation
  • Heavy (approx. 25 kg)


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