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The SM-3T stereo microscope offers a sharp and clear image. A stereo microscope provides an image with depth, making it possible to solder under this microscope, for example.


The SM-3T is trinocular, which means that a third port is available to connect a camera. The SM-3T is not simul-focal, when the camera is switched on one ocular turns dark. If you think you are going to use the camera frequently, then it is best to go for the SM-3TP.

7X to 45x magnification

The SM-3T microscope offers a magnification of 7x to 45x at a maximal working height of 100 mm. A 0.5x Barlow lens is recommended for use with electronics. This increases the working height and halves the magnification.

Single arm

The microscope consists of a heavy base and a solid arm that can handle many degrees. It can be set up quickly above for example a PCB or a telephone that needs to be repaired.

SM series microscopes

SM series microscopes are characterized by their solid construction quality, clear visibility and ease of use. The table below shows the differences between the microscopes.

Model SM-3T SM-3TP SM-4T SM-4TP
Arm Single Single Double Double
Simul-focal No Yes No Yes
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LED ring lighting

Without lighting it can get really dark under a microscope. So don't forget to order the lighting.

Barlow lens 0.5x

A 0.5x Barlow lens halves the magnification and increases the working distance. Perfect for when you are working on electronics.

Full-HD camera

A camera with HDMI port and storage possibilities

Specifications microscope

Max. range20 mm
Dioptric correction +/-5dp
Distance pupilAdjustable 55-75 mm
Shipping weight~ 25kg

The microscope (armed tripod, boom stand, oculars and lens) will be delivered with rubber oculars and a dust cover.

The following article in the knowledge centre explains the principles of the microscope for electronic inspection: De microscoop: een introductie


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