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This stand-alone desoldering gun is the successor of the Hakko 808 and is one of the best stand-alone desoldering guns on the market. Stand-alone means that this desoldering gun can be used without extra equipment such as a desoldering station. The temperature of this desoldering gun can be easily set and has 4 different settings. Furthermore, the temperature control of this desoldering gun can be set very accurate by using a unique Hakko sensor feedback method.

The FR-301 has improved in several ways compared to the Hakko 808. The filter group now consists of several separate parts, which makes cleaning easier. The suction channel has also been improved, which greatly reduces the chance of clogging. Furthermore, the FR-301 uses the N61 series nozzles that have a high thermal efficiency.

The 'quick change' system makes it very easy to change nozzles. Even when the nozzle is hot.
Like all our other Hakko products, this is a 100% original Hakko product that is suitable for 220/230V and has a European plug.


Power 110W
Vacuum generatorMembrane pump
Max. Vacuum pressure81 kPa
Suction force11 L/min
Temperature range350 - 500℃ (4 steps of 50℃)
Tip to ground resistance< 2Ω
Tip to ground potential< 2 mV
Dimensions215 x 226 mm
Weight0.52 kg

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The Hakko FR-301 comes supplied with:
  • Soldering gun with 1.0mm nozzle (N61-08)
  • Storage Suitcase
  • Cleaning drill for heating element
  • Nozzle change tool
  • Gun holder
  • Cleaning Pin

Pros and cons

  • Powerful operation
  • Japanese build quality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Relatively heavy (all in 1)
  • Simple stand


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Review by donPivo 
Posted on 21/04/2022
I may look like a toy, but this tool is probably the best standalone desoldering gun on the market. I've owned other desoldering tools before this, both desoldering station and standalone gun, and they both had a tendency to clog up. The Hakko however, provides enough heat and suction power to easily handle jobs that would have been a struggle with my earlier tools. I advise you to also buy the Hakko C1100 iron stand, to keep the FR-301 safe and steady.