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Product number: ELE000942


Sturdy base with 360 degree rotating clamp design to hold circuit boards up to 140 x 200 mm (i.e. larger than eurocard size).

Very handy when soldering through hole components after they are plugged in.


  • Adjustable angle
  • Adjustable distance
  • Ribbed for extra grip

  • Specifications

    Dimensions 300 x 165 x 125 mm
    Weight 450 grams

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    Review by Johan 
    Posted on 03/01/2023
    It is a nice thing, but a bit too cheap... When a board is in the clamps and the clamps are tight, there is still room for the board to jiggle. As if the pens of the clamps are one size too small for the holes.
    It is useful, though.
    Review by George 
    Posted on 24/08/2022
    This is a very useful tool to hold your PCBs while you're working with them. Also remarkable, is the price, which is half of what they usually charge you in other shops.