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High end solder fume extractor for an affordable price. Single suction tube with a capacity of 120m3/h airflow generating static pressure of 2400Pa by a brushless DC fan. The Quick 6101A1 can absorb fumes directly from the source. This system will also filter and recirculate the air it takes in.

The triple filter effectively removes the hazardous substances from fumes. Additionally, the pre-filter, central filter and main filter are designed in separate structure. Therefore, you can make full use of the filters and they are easy to, seperatly, replace which reduces the cost accordingly.

It is hard to give an indication on when to replace the filters, because this heavily depends on the intensity of usage and what kind of fumes you extract. But to give you an indication: usually the pre- and central filters are being replaced once or twice a year. On average, the main filter is being replaced every year or every two years. The display on the fume extractor tells you when the pressure inside is too high, due to congestions because of a dirty filter and so you get an indication on when to replace the filters.

Very easy to install because of the integrated structure design; no extra pipeline is required. Also easy to operate with the wired remote control with straightforward controls (On/Off switch with adjustable air flow knob). The noise caused during operation is low.


Inlets 1
Power 120 W
Static pressure 2400 Pa
Airflow 90-175 m3/u (Eleshop measurement)
Noise level 55-69dB (Eleshop measurement)
Filter pre-, middle- and main filter
Filter efficiency

99.97% of particles >0.3μm

Tube length 150 cm
Dimensions 420(L) × 230(B) × 350(H) mm
Weight 13.4 kg


This product includes:

  • Flexible boom with round head 75 mm, 1.5 m long
  • 6 Pre-filters, 1 middle filter and 1 main filter
  • Power cord