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The Brymen BM877 is a combination of a True-RMS digital multimeter and an insulation tester. This makes the meter very versatile for both troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. Whether working on motors or switches, this inexpensive jack-of-all-trades can do a great job. The BM887, compared to this model also offers the ability to measure capacitance and currents and low voltages, in addition, the BM887 can also measure temperature. The BM887 is also a lot more precise.

On the 6,000 count display of this multimeter it is possible to accurately measure AC and DC voltages. The meter can test up to a kilovolt of insulation. AC voltages can be measured up to 20 kHz, which is unique in this class. The meter features a dual-display function where two different measured values can be displayed simultaneously. An example would be AC voltage and frequency or insulation value and test voltage.

The meter automatically turns off if it has not been used for some time.

The meter has some other useful features, such as built-in detection that protects against improperly connecting the test leads and the meter can automatically set its range. Temperature can also be easily measured with the included K-type thermocouple. Furthermore, the meter features a 61-segment bar graph that updates 60 times per second to display rapid changes in readings.


Digits / Counts 3 5⁄6 Digits / 6,000 Counts
Measurement range and precision
Max. DC Voltage 1000 V (±0.2%+3)
Max. AC Voltage 1000 V (±1%+3)
Insulation Resistance
Test voltageRange and precision
50 V0.001 MΩ ~ 55.0 MΩ (±1.5%+5)
100 V0.001 MΩ ~ 110.0 MΩ (±1.5%+5)
250 V0.001 MΩ ~ 275.0 MΩ (±1.5%+5)
500 V0.001 MΩ ~ 550.0 MΩ (±1.5%+5)
1000 V0.001 MΩ ~ 25.0 GΩ (±2.0%+5)
Weather resistance 0.1 Ω ~ 60 MΩ (±0.9%+5)
Frequency 10 Hz ~ 100 kHz (±0.02%+4)
Diode 2,000 V (±1.5%+4)
Earth continuity test 0.001 Ω - 20 Ω (±1.5%+3)
Power supply 4x AA
Automatic standby
Dimensions 208 x 103 x 64.5 mm
Weight 635 grams


This multimeter comes with:

  • 2x Test leads
  • Remote probe with test button for insulation test
  • 2x Alligator clips
  • Rubber case
  • User manual (English)


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