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The Fluke 1507 is a compact and reliable insulation tester which can measure insulation resistance up to 10GΩ, with a voltage up to 1000V. The 1507 features multiple different testvoltages which makes it an ideal instrument for troubleshooting and carrying out preventative maintenance. To simplify work in difficult and crowded places, this meter includes a remote measuring probe. Additionally, for safety, the device will prevent testing if a live voltage has been detected. It also features some advanced measuring functions, such as polarization index and dielectric absorption ratio. In addition to this, the 1507 simplifies repetitive tests by use of a compare (Pass/Fail) function.

The Fluke 1507 can be used with the TPAK magnetic hanger, and the TLK-225 multimeter clip set!


AC/DC voltage0.1 V - 600.0 V
Earth bond resistance0.01 Ω - 20.00 kΩ
Insulation tests
50V0.01 MΩ - 50.0 MΩ
100V0.01 MΩ - 100.0 MΩ
250V0.01 MΩ - 200.0 MΩ
500V0.01 MΩ - 500.0 MΩ
1000V0.1 MΩ - 10.0 GΩ
Advanced functionsPolarization index & dielectric absorption ratio & compare (Pass/Fail)
Safety standardsCAT IV 600V
IP ratingIP40
Power source4 x AA
Dimensions5.0 cm X 10.0 cm x 20.3 cm (HxWxL)
Weight550 g


The Fluke 1507 includes:

  • Remote test probe
  • Test leads
  • Test probes
  • Alligator clips
  • Batteries

Pros and cons

  • Advanced measuring functions, such as polarization index and dielectric absorption ratio
  • Compact, rugged, reliable design
  • Included remote measuring probe
  • Compare (Pass/Fail) function


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