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The Brymen BM235 multimeter combines high quality and excellent performance with compactness and low cost. Furthermore, this multimeter features True RMS measurements, has a basic accuracy of 0.3% and fulfills the requirements of CAT II to CAT IV safety classes.

In addition to default measurement options, this multimeter is also able to perform temperature measurements, capacitance measurements and line frequency measurements. Moreover, an unique feature of the multimeter is its ability to detect a non-contact electric field and determine the field strength. This is done by means of an antenna which is located in the multimeter.

The BM235 has received a special recognition from EEVblog. The review of a rebrand of this product by EEVblog can be seen here.


Range and accuracies
Specifications Range Accuracy
Max. DC voltage (V) 1000V ±(0.3%+2 digits) 
Max. AC voltage (V) 1000 V ±(0.7%+3 digits) 
Max. DC current (A) 10A ± (0.7%+3 digits) 
Max. AC current (A) 10A ±(1%+3 digits)
Max. resistance (Ω) 60MΩ ±(0.3%+3 digits)
Temperature (°C) -40 - 400°C ±(1%+1°C)
Max. capacitance (F) 10mF ±(1.5%+2 digits) 
Frequency (Hz) 10 Hz - 50 kHz ±(0.3%+2 digits) 
True RMS
Batteries 2x 1.5V AAA
Digits 3-5/6 digits (6000 counts)
Safety CAT II 1000V CAT III 600V and CAT IV 300V AC & DC
Weight 334g 
Dimensions 161mm x 80mm x 50mm 

Please refer to the user manual of EEVblog and the datasheet listed below for more information.


The Brymen BM235 is delivered including:

  • 2 Batteries
  • Holster
  • Test lead
  • K-type temperature probe

Pros and cons

  • Great value for money
  • Very fast auto-range


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Review by Darko Markovic 
Posted on 13/08/2019
Well one very nervous Australian stand by it with his name. Dude is really hard on Quality and he scored with this one.
For now it works good and fast. Leads are supple and look like silicone. Feels good and more expensive in hand. Seems to be accurate. I say seems to be accurate while I have compared it with limited number of meters.
Came with batteries. Comes with set of leads and one K type thermal probe.
Continuity tester is very nice, it pulses light when you have continuity.
Negatives? Well not really,specially not for this price. Maybe few wishes only. Like I wish it came with some storage and carry solution.I wish it came with clam's. Well I have ordered Bryman clams and everything is fine now. Well for the price you get a quality tool. It is build above it's price and if it would have another brand name on it it could have came with 200 Euro price.
This is better then most cheap solutions and feels better in hand. It is not 600 Euro tool but it will carry it's wight and above it to.