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This single magnification stereo microscope is perfect for tasks that require space between the objective and the element to be inspected, like SMD soldering. The fully coated optic provides a very clear image over a wide range and in the original true colour of the displayed object.

The eyepieces stand at an angle of 45° and are adjustable in distance to correspond with the eye distance of the observer. The left eyepiece tube can also adjust the dioptre setting with a range of ±5mm. The standard retractable objective has a magnification of 2X and can easily be replaced by the dovetail joint. The standard supplied 10X magnification eyepieces, together with the objective, provide a total magnificationof 20X. The image can easily be focused with a gear system and by means of the incoming light mounted on a ball joint you can illuminate from different angles.


Angle of eyepieces 45°
Eyepiece magnification 10 x 20 mm
Magnification retractable objective 2x W.D. 119 mm
Light Halogen (12V/10W)
Working distance 119 mm
Pupil space 55-75mm
Dioptre compensation range ±5mm
Range 10mm

This microscope comes with eyepiece protectors and a dust cover. The following article in the knowledge centre explains the principles of the microscope for electronics inspection: De microscoop: een introductie

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