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A promotion is currently active on these devices. The RBW has been changed to 1 Hz and each device comes with a free TG option.


The Siglent SSA3021X spectrum analyser has a bandwidth of 9 kHz up to 2.1 GHz with a very small noise. The resolution of the measurements is as small as 10 Hz which allows for very accurate measurements.

The low noise is a unique property of this spectrum analyser. This limits the measurement error on smaller signals in particular. The given noise figure is only -161dBm/Hz. This is low enough to be unnoticeable in typical use. The standard Pre-amplifier allows for measurements to small signals, but can be disabled for a one-to-one image of the signal.

With the bandwidth up to 2.1 GHz common signals like GSM, that starts at 380 MHz is well within the range of this spectrum analyser. A useful property of these spectrum analysers is the ability to upgrade them with optional accessories. One of these options is ACPR or Adjacent Channel Power Ratio, which is an important property for antenna engineers. This is a requirement in wireless telecommunications as channels are not allowed to overlap each-other too much.

The large 10.1" WVGA display with 1024 by 600 pixels offers ample space for measurement data. The software supports up to 4 cursors simultaneously, which allows for easy data analysis.

Are you looking for an attenuator with various connectors for your spectrum analyser? Then this utility kit from Siglent is suitable for you. See here for more information.


Here is a comparison table between the Siglent Spectrum Analysers (SSA) and the Siglent Spectrum Vector Network Aanalyser (SVA) models.

SeriesSSA3000X seriesSSA3000X PLUS seriesSVA1000X series
TG Standard Standard Standard
SA bandwidth 9 kHz - 2.1 GHz 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz 9 kHz - 2.1 GHz 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz 9 kHz - 1.5 GHz 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz
VNA bandwidth - - 10 MHz - 1.5 GHz 100 kHz - 3.2 GHz
VNA calibration kit - - F503ME
DANL -151 dBm (RBW 10Hz)
-161 dBm, normalized to 1 Hz
-161 dBm/Hz -156 dBm/Hz -161 dBm/Hz
RBW 10 Hz - 1 MHz (1 Hz setable) 1 Hz - 1 MHz 1 Hz - 1 MHz
Phase Noise < -98 dBc/Hz @1 GHz, 10 kHz offset < -98 dBc/Hz @1 GHz, 10 kHz offset < -98 dBc/Hz @1 GHz, 10 kHz offset
EMI filter 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz, 1 MHz 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz, 1 MHz
Touchscreen - Touchscreen, Mouse & Keyboard, Webserver Touchscreen, Mouse & Keyboard, Webserver
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Frequency resolution 1 Hz
Internal reference frequency 10.000000 MHz
Vertical logarithmic range 10 dB tot -100 dB
Built-in storage 256 MB
Built-in pre-amp
Display 10.1" colour 1024 x 600
Connectivity USB host/device, LAN, RJ-45
Dimensions 393 x 207 x 116.5 (mm)
Weight 4.6 kg


Optionally the following features can be added to the feature-set of the devices.

Tracking Generator (FREE for a limited time)

This option adds a tracking generator to the device. This allows for easy frequency-response analysis. The tracking generator has the same frequency range that the analyser offers, and an output range between -20 and 0 dBm.

EMI Receiver measurement

De EMI pre-compliance kit offers Quasi-peak detector and EMI filters. This offers the ability to test if devices meet EMI requirements.

Reflection measurements

In combination with the Tracking generator this option offers the ability to measure reflection properties of an antenna.

Advanced measurement kit

With measurements like "Channel power", "ACPR", "Time domain power", "Occupied bandwidth" and "Third order intercept", this optuion adds a lot of possibilities to the measurement set of the analysers.


De spectrum analysers come bundled with:

  • Power cord
  • Quick start guide
  • USB cable
  • Calibration certificate


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Review by Vitor 
Posted on 07/09/2016

I was tired of trying to get a reasonable second hand spectrum analyser for an affordable price. Even old devices would reach absurd high prices, though without any warranty, calibration or support.

When I first stumbled across the SSA3021X I didn't believe it: a full blown spectrum analyser, new, with warranty for this competitive price?
I gathered some information, read the online manual and just went ahead and purchase one.
To sum it up, I have not regretted it!

The SSA3021X is really a full blown spectrum analyser, featuring a huge 1024x600 TFT screen, yet in a case that doesn't take too much space on the desk.

The GUI is easy to use and the performance is great - meeting the specs in my tests carried out so far.

I am using it for measurements in amateur radio bands, as well as for TV, CATV and SAT reception. I need to be able to compare and evaluate the spectrum mode of professional TV field meter with a real spectrum analyser, in order to compare the performance and accuracy of the field meter. The same with signal generators/noise sources: I need to evaluate them and a spectrum analyser is great tool for this job.

My other goal was to learn how to operate a spectrum analyser and I was not disappointed: while the SSA3021X is easy to use, it has loads of functionality (much more than the spectrum analyser function in TV field meter). This made me learn more about spectrum analysis than I thought there is to know. It also gave me insights into RF from a different point of view. All in all, if you can afford it, it is a great learning tool. Of course, I could have just read tons of theoretical books about this subject, but that would not remotely be as appealing than using the real thing. Also, it made me better understand why TV field meters are limited in the spectrum as they are.
Finally, thanks to the built in AM/FM demodulator with headphone jack, you can actually listen to analogue radio stations and radio communications! The great advantage over a radio scanner is of course the ability to monitor a huge bandwidth. As soon as someone transmits at any frequency, you will see it and if you tune in, you can hear it, too. WOW!

I have the SSA3021X for almost a month now and I am very satisfied with it.

It is the number one choice for amateur/hobby use and even in professional environments, it will perform within specs. All this at an incredible price.

My next projects will include antenna evaluation/development – brilliant to be able to do that with the aid of a modern spectrum analyser.

My opinion: don’t waste money on an old second hand spectrum analyser (especially the ones with a CRT). Get yourself a SSA3021X, instead. You will get modern functionality, a proper high-resolution screen and it probably will outperform older spectrum analysers in the 9 kHz - 2.1 GHz range, too.

Review by Alexander 
Posted on 17/08/2016
There's not much choice among spectrum analyzers with price below 2k USD. For the money you can buy used spectrum analyzer like Advantest R4131D from early 90's. But there's always the risk that you will get a unforeseen problems with a used test equipment.

I choose between Siglent SSA3021X and Rigol DSA815-TG. But when I watched a Teardown video from EEVBlog I've definitely decided to buy Siglent SSA3021X.
Rigol DSA815 is a good spectrum analyzer but Siglent SSA3021x is much, much better! Not just because frequency, it had better noise floor, better phase noise, higher RBW and larger resolution display.

I'm very happy with my new SSA3021X! Siglent SSA3021X is the best spectrum analyzer for its price if you don't need frequency range higher than 2 GHz.