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The Quick 861DW ESD is an inexpensive hot air station with a high power of 1000 watt and it has a maximum airflow of 120 litres per minute. This device is designed for soldering SMD components such as SOIC, QFP, PLCC, CHIP and BGA. Furthermore, the Quick 861DW is also suitable for drying, removing paint, melting, heating and disinfecting surfaces. Due to the high power and a ceramic heating element, rapid heating to the desired temperature is possible. The 861DW ESD has three channels where the temperature and the amount of airflow can be set and these settings can be memorized by the device.

The Quick 861DW ESD uses a magnetic switch, which immediately activates the sleep mode when the handle is placed in the holder. Moreover, this device has an automatic cooling system, which allows for an extended service life of the heating element and the holder. The settings can be blocked by means of a password.

Nozzles for this hot air station can be found in this category


Power 1000 Watt
Temperature range 100 ° C - 500 ° C
Heating element Ceramic
Dimensions 188 x 245 x 135 mm
Maximum airflow 120 l/min
Weight 3.65 kg
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The 861DW ESD comes bundled with:

  • Holder for the hot air handle
  • EU power cord
  • Spare fuse (10 A / 250 V, 5x 20 mm)
  • Cap for the hot air exit
  • 3 different nozzles (see image above; outside diameters 5.0mm, 6.4mm, 8.4mm)
  • A conversion nozzle. This allows you to use any Aoyue nozzle on this station.

If needed the heating element can be replaced easily.

Pros and cons

  • Very popular choice
  • Praising reviews
  • Atten ST-862D is almost identical, but cheaper



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Review by Ferenc 
Posted on 20/04/2021
My first hot air soldering station, at this price very good quality, easy to use, I can only recommend it to everyone. The price is the best in Europe. precise fast delivery from eleshop to hungary.
Review by J.Orlando Gorra Milan 
Posted on 27/01/2021
This is a monster. Finally a good device! Quality matters! It does job very well ans easy to work with it! Incredible design. I love it. Test was a sucess!! Thanks!!
Review by miljan 
Posted on 18/07/2019
Very good station, above all expectations. After six months of work in our company and everyday use we recomend it to everyone, for industry and for home use. Fast warm up and very strong and stable air flow.
Review by Spiros 
Posted on 07/07/2019
I believe this is the best station for 250 euros.
Eleshop best EU price.
Fast shipping, 6 days to Greece.
Good Job Eleshop.eu !!
Review by Nelson 
Posted on 06/12/2018
Awesome station, great value for money and eleshop has the cheapest price. It took 1 week to receive my order here in Switzerland, which is very correct. This hot air station comes exactly as described.
Thank you eleshop for the great service.
Review by andmatic 
Posted on 16/11/2018
This is great station and price is great,I could not find it anywhere cheaper than this. On all other places price is cca 100E higher I have ordered 2 times and deliveri was in three days bouth times in Croatia. There is adapter for standard nozzels which I could not find anywhere.