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The Hakko FX-601 is a stand-alone soldering iron, which is suitable for heavy-duty soldering work where a lot of heat is required. These actions include work on chassis, large connectors, and transformers in all different kinds of applications such as general production, sheet metal, maintenance work, etc.

With the newly redesigned T19 series soldering tip, the FX-601 achieves great heat conductivity and recovery without increasing its power consumption, as compared to a conventional Hakko soldering iron. Its lightweight and compact design means that the FX-601 is very easy to handle. The LED on the iron provides a good indication when the desired temperature has been reached. On top of that, the Hakko also has a calibration screw to adjust the temperature accuracy. The soldering iron also has a locking feature to prevent accidentally changing the temperature setting.

This soldering iron unfortunately does not come with a stand or brass wool. But the Hakko 633-01 is a good alternative and complements this soldering iron very well.


Power 46 W
Temperature range240 - 540 °C
Temperature stability ± 1°C
Length (without cord) 237 mm
Weight 68 g


The Hakko FX-601 comes with:

  • 1 x Lock key
  • 1 x T19 2B soldering tip

Pros and cons

  • Excellent for larger soldering work
  • More efficient than conventional irons


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