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The FR-410 desoldering station of Hakko is a very powerful desoldering station with a power of 140 watts. This high power ensures that even very thick PCB's can be soldered with ease with this station. Furthermore, this station uses a vacuum pump but also has a special valve system. This valve system ensures that, after a short delay of 0.2 seconds, you can pump away the tin with the full force of the vacuum. Without this valve system, there is always a small build-up of suction power. This way of vacuuming the pewter is a lot more efficient than with just a vacuum.
In contrast to previous models, the heating element of the soldering gun heats the entire passage to the filter. As a result, clogging will almost never occur again. Furthermore, there is also an ACF (Anti Clogging Function) that Pumps the pump for 1-5 seconds after releasing the trigger.
The nozzles of the desoldering gun are easy to change with the supplied change wrench. A number of different N61 nozzles are also available. These nozzles can be found on this page .


Power 140 W
Temperature 330 - 450 ºC
Temperature stability± 5 ºC
Vacuum pressure600 mmHg
Suction current 15 L/min
ESD safe Yes
Nozzle to ground resistance ≤2Ω
Nozzle to ground potential ≤2 mV
Cord length desoldering gun 1.2 m
Dimensions165 x 137 x 244 mm
Weight~5 kg


The FR-410 is standard delivered including:
  • Power cord
  • Desoldering gun holder
  • FR-410 station
  • Soldering gun including 1.0mm N61-05 nozzle
  • Toolbox
  • Cleaning pin for heating
  • Cleaning pin for nozzle
  • Nozzle change wrench
  • 2x Filter
  • 4x Ceramic paper filter
  • Manual