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The Fnirsi HS01 is a smart portable soldering iron with an ergonomic design. This is a full set, including soldering iron, charger and 6 soldering tips. The HS01 can be powered with USB-C PD 65W, in that case it will melt solder within 8 seconds from startup. Another way to power the HS01 is with a 24V DC power adapter. With a power adapter the HS01 has 96W of power.

The HS01 has a metal housing and the tip is firmly secured in the soldering iron, unlike the TS101 and the Pinecil. Furthermore, a metal hood is included, so the soldering iron can be safely stored.


Power96 W DC / 65 W PD
Temperature range
80 °C - 420 °C
Heating time
~ 4 sec
Tip systemActive
Temperature stability± 2 %
Automatic standby
Yes, after 30 minutes
Dimensions184 x 20 mm


The Fnirsi HS01 soldering iron comes with:
  • DC to USB type-C power cord
  • 65W USB-C power supply
  • Heat resistant USB-C charging cable
  • Mini soldering iron stand
  • HS01-KR soldering tip (knife 4.66mm)
  • HS01-K65 soldering tip (knife 3.6mm)
  • HS01-B2 soldering tip (conical)
  • HS01-ILS soldering tip (conical, sharp tip)
  • HS01-BC3 soldering tip (bevel ⌀3mm)
  • HS01-BC2 soldering tip (bevel ⌀2mm)

Pros and cons

  • Metal housing
  • Includes metal hood for safe storing
  • Interchange tips easily
  • 96 W
  • Only 2 buttons make it difficult to navigate the menu


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