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The PINECIL – Smart Mini Portable Soldering Iron is not your average soldering iron. This soldering iron has many features at an affordable price. It makes use of active soldering tips which allow the PINECIL to reach operating temperature within 12 seconds when fully powered. It can be powered by either USB-C or DC5525 which allows for flexibility in power selection as it can be powered via a socket or through a battery. The PINECIL is rated for a voltage of 12-20 V via USB-C and 12-24 V via DC5525 with max power for of 88 W. This soldering iron is programmable through its processor and memory via open source software which can be found in the link below.

The software of the PINECIL is open source, so it is easy to make adjustments to it. It is quite easy to create your own temperature curves, or to program a specific response. Built-in motion sensors allow the iron to quickly change between stand-by mode and operating temperature. It is important to note that there is no polarity protection. Therefore we advice to check your chargers for the right polarity before using them on the PINECIL. To change the soldering tip the screw must be loosened which is not very practical. M2 x (3mm or 4mm) thumbscrews are a more practical alternative. However, watch out for over-thightening the screws as this can potentially break the soldering tip.

For more information click: here.

A power cable is not included therefore we recommend the following cable and this adapter or this adapter


Power 88 W
Temperature range100 - 400 °C
Heating time
~ 12 sec
tip systemActive
ESD safe
Automatic standby
Yes, time and temperature customizable
Display0.69″ OLED white color monochrome display with 96x16p resolution
Processor32-bit RV32IMAC RISC-V "SiFive E24 Core" @ 144 MHz
Memory192 KB flash, 132 KB SRAM
Power supply USB-C, DC5525
Dimensions155mm with soldering tip / 103mm without soldering tip x 12.8mm x 16.2mm
Weight28g with soldering tip and 18g without soldering tip

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The PINECIL v2 - MiniPortable Soldering Iron comes with:

  • B2 soldering tip

Pros and cons

  • Active tip
  • Programmable processor
  • Flexible power source
  • Only 2 buttons make it difficult to navigate the menu
  • Soldering tip is fixed in place with a screw
  • The PINECIL does not have polarity protection


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