We receive inquiries from all over the world. We are happy to offer, since we target mainly EU markets, we have some additional terms and conditions for orders outside of the EU.

These conditions apply to all orders to non-EU addresses and apply in addition to our general terms and conditions:

  • The customer is responsible to make sure the products which are ordered meet local legislation and regulations.
  • For countries with 110V mains it is important to consider that most, but not all of our products work at 110V. All of our products are suitable for 220 - 230V mains. Products with a mains cable are delivered with either a C5 or C7 mains plug.
  • We accept credit card and bank transfers. We don't accept Paypal for payments outside of the EU.
  • Returns are not accepted.
  • The same warranty applies as for our EU orders, but the shipping costs are entirely for the customer.
  • Orders are delivered by UPS under DAP incoterms.
  • If you pay by bank transfer, make sure we receive the full amount in EUR. Choose "OUR"-transfer method, or choose "SHA" (shared costs) method and add €25 to cover the bank transfer costs.
  • Only a signed commercial invoice is included as export documentation.
  • There is a minimum order amount of €170 for orders to the UK.

Ordering through e-mail for orders outside the EU

If you have a special request, or our website is unable to calculate the shipping costs to your destination, you can order by e-mail. We have some remarks regarding ordering by e-mail:

  • There is a MOQ of €500 for non-EU e-mail orders.
  • By e-mail processing international orders takes a lot of manual effort, we charge a €30 handling fee to cover the costs.
  • On request we deliver EX-WORKS Eindhoven. The customer has to provide documentation and PDF labels for the packages and schedule a pickup.
  • Special requests can be discussed before payment is made, for example, export documentation (ATA, EUR1 e.g.), we can provide it but have to charge additionally.