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The XLB45 video microscope lens is designed to accommodate a camera module and enables high quality video/photo capture. The magnification of the lens makes this set suitable for the inspection of electronics. The set includes an arm with a table clamp, a mount and a microscope lens and is meant for people that want to record with the use of a big flexible arm and don't need a stereo microscope. Common applications of the microscope lens are in the electronic industry and agricultural research for micro-object observation, inspection and measurement. Furthermore, the 63-180lp/mm resolution meets the requirements of conventional imaging machine vision.

There is no camera included in this set; we recommend our latest HDMI camera for microscope 1080p 1/2" Sony sensor but this set works well with all the microscope cameras on our website. Also, it is not necessary to use a CCD adapter with this microscope lens set.

Specifications XLB45 microscope lens

Magnification0.7x - 4.5x
Focus distance*
Minimum zoom22 cm
Maximum zoom9 cm
Dimensions176 x 58 mm LxD
Weight502 g

*Adding a LED ring to the bottom decreases the working distance by approximately 1 cm

Specifications STL6-A stand

Maximum vertical distance400 mm
Maximum horizontal distance770 mm
Maximum clamping size50 mm
Base dimensions98 x 80 x 116 mm LxWxH

Optional accesories

Camera module This very light sensitive camera module can be attached to this microscope set. Don't forget to purchase a microscope adapter with this camera as you need it to attach the camera to the microscope.

Sony sensor camera

HDMI camera for microscope 1080p 1/2
326.45 €326.45 Excl. VAT
LED ring Without illumination, it can get very dark under a microscope. So sometimes an LED ring may improve the visiblity of whatever you are trying to view.

Dimmable LED ring

Dimmable LED ring for microscopes 60 leds
40.5 €40.50 Excl. VAT

The following article in the knowledge centre explains the principles of the microscope for electronics inspection: The microscope: an introduction

Pros and cons

  • Large working distance
  • Big zoom range
  • Good optical quality
  • Objective lens that enables stereo zoom

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