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Weller soldering station with an output of 80 Watt. Analog adjustable from 150 to 450 degrees Celsius. The WS 81 temperature can be adjusted with a precision of about 9 degrees and only deviates by a maximum of 5 degrees from the set temperature during use. Once the soldering tip reached the set temperature, this is indicated by an LED.

This soldering station comes with a soldering iron stand, in which the soldering iron can be safely placed. It also comes with a sponge to keep the soldering tip clean.

Because of the power of 80 watts, the soldering tip reaches its set temperature quickly and makes every soldering job easy to execute. This power is enough to easily heat medium sized surfaces.


Power 80 Watt
Temperature 150 - 450 °C
Temperature precision ± 9 °C
Temperature stability ± 5 °C
ESD safe
Dimensions 166 x 115 x 101 mm
Weight 3 kg
Buy your spare WS 81 tips here

Do you need more information? Please download the datasheet.


  • Base stations with temperature adjustment
  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering iron stand with sponge (KH18)
  • LT-B soldering tip (2.4mm)
  • Power cord

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