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This high-quality soldering station by Weller has more power than similar stations on the market. This allows the soldering iron to warm up faster and it also has a shorter repair time so you can solder more efficiently and more accurately. Setting the desired temperature is easy by means of the buttons and the clear display. The settings of this soldering station are password protected.
The station has a built-in stand-by and auto-setback mode which saves energy in case of inactivity and guarantees a longer lifespan of the equipment. In addition, the temperature stability and temperature lock protect the soldering tips and ensure a continuously high-quality soldering outcome.
In addition to the soldering station, a WEP70 soldering iron and PH70 safety rest are also delivered as standard. The soldering iron has a standard ETA tip of 1.6 mm and is ESD safe. It is also possible to change the tip of this soldering iron easily and without further tools.


Power70 W
Temperature range100-450℃
Temperature precision±5℃
Temperature stability±6℃
Heating time±28s
ESD safe
Weight1.4 kg
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The Weller WE1010 will be delivered including

  • Soldering station WE 1
  • Soldering iron WEP70
  • Soldering iron stand PH70
  • Sponge
  • Soldering iron tip (ETA, 1.6 mm)
  • Power cord

Pros and cons

  • Popular station
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful (70W)
  • No backlight on LCD
  • Passive tip system


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