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The UTi720M is a compact camera module which can easily turn an Android smartphone into a thermal imaging camera. Since the camera has a 256 x 192 IR resolution, it will provide a clear image with a fast response.

Moreover, the camera works in a wide temperature range of -20 - 200 degrees Celsius with an accuracy of ±2° or ±2% and NETD ≤50mK. The functions of the camera include troubleshooting HVAC problems, investigating heat source issues around the house, auto alarm for high/low temperature, auto tracking for hot spot/cold spot and video recording. Furthermore, the camera is very robust since it can be safely dropped from a 2 meter height. Another thermal imaging camera from UNI-T with a wider temperature is the UTi721M.

The excellent app can be downloaded from Google Play. It is easy to use, and works smoothly. Although mixed image is supported, due to the large distance and viewing angle difference between visual and IR cameras, the image can never be properly aligned.


Temperature range-20 °C - 200 °C
Accuracy ±2 °C or ±2% (whichever is greater)
IR resolution256 x 192 (49152 pixels)
NETD≤50mK @25°C
Frame rate≤25 Hz
FOV56° x 42.2°
Emissivity0.01 ~ 1.00 adjustable (default 0.95)
Colour palettesWhite hot, Lava, Ironbow, Black hot, Red hot, Rainbow, Rainbow HC
Dimensions33 × 28.2 × 11.3 mm
Weight12 g


The UTi720M comes by default with:

  • Type-C male USB cable

Pros and cons

  • Very compact
  • High resolution
  • Good sensitivity
  • Requires an Android smartphone


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