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The UTG962E from UNI-T is a budget 14 bit function generator with a bandwidth 60 MHz. This function generator uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology to produce stable and accurate waveforms. This function generator comes with 24 built-in arbitrary waveforms and can store up to 26.
With the free PC software it is possible to draw your own waveforms and save them on the function generator (Windows only). Check out this video for more information about the software.
The easy to use inferface, user-friendly graphical display, and compact size make this an ideal budget function generator that will easily fit on any workbench.

Is a bandwidth of 30 MHz sufficient? Check out the cheaper UNI-T UTG932E.


Vertical resolution 14 bit
Frequency range 1 µHz - 60 MHz
Frequency resolution 1 µHz
Number of channels 2
Sample rate 200 MSa/s
Maximum waveform length 4k points
Amplitude range ≤10 MHz: 1 mVpp - 10 Vpp
≤60 MHz: 1 mVpp - 5 Vpp
Output Precision ± (3% + 2 mVpp)
Display 4.3" (480 x 272) color LCD
Output impedance 50 Ω
Output signals Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Noise, DC, Arbitrary
Modulation functions AM, FM, PM, FSK
Connectivity USB
Dimensions 172 x 90 x 68 mm
Weight 0.33 kg


The UNI-T UTG962E comes with:

  • Power cord
  • BNC-alligator clip cable
  • BNC cable

Pros and cons

  • 14 bit
  • Big screen
  • Moderately priced
  • Small form factor
  • Maximum function length of only 4k points


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Review by Rafa 
Posted on 15/05/2023
With a very compact size, well finished, ease of use with very intuitive and well organized front menus and controls and outstanding features considering the very competitive price.
Is a perfect tool for my hobbyist workshop.
Review by Cris 
Posted on 22/02/2023
Bought it a week ago. Delivered OK. Very small; It does what is specified.
Bad thing is steep smell of the plastic (bad material). I hope it will pass the time test.