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The UNI-T UDP3305 is a linear DC power supply which features a total of four channels, and a power output of 348 W. The first two channels are both 32 V / 5 A and have the option of being internally connected in either series or parallel operation. The third channel of the UDP3305 can be set to 6 V / 3 A and the fourth channel is a fixed 5 V USB output, with a maximum current of 2 A.

This power supply sets itself apart from other competitors because of its high price to quality ratio, as it comes with a high readback resolution of 1 mV / 1mA, in combination with features such as real-time waveform display and extensive connectivity capabilities with USB, RS232, LAN and digital I/O. Furthermore, the UTD3305 supports SCPI, which makes it possible to program the power supply.
In addition, it is possible to power each channel on or off individually, and the large 4.3" display gives a detailed overview of up to 3 channels at the same time. It is because of these features that the UDP3305 can compete with other popular power supplies, such as the Rigol DP832 and the Siglent SPD3303X-E.


Below, the UNI-T UDP3305S and the UDP3305S-E are compared with the popular Rigol DP832 and Siglent SPD3303X-E.

ModelUNI-T UDP3305S UNI-T UDP3305S-E Rigol DP832 Siglent SPD3303X-E
Channels 4 4 3 3
Output power 348 W 348 W 195 W 220 W
Readback resolution 1 mV / 1 mA 10 mV / 1 mA 10 mV / 1 mA 10 mV / 10 mA
Price 499 €499.00 Excl. VAT 369 €369.00 Excl. VAT 409.09 €409.09 Excl. VAT 370 €370.00 Excl. VAT


Output switchEach channel
Voltage rangeCH1: 0 - 32 V
CH2: 0 - 32 V
CH3: 0 - 6 V
CH4: 5 V
Current rangeCH1: 0 - 5 A
CH2: 0 - 5 A
CH2: 0 - 3 A
CH2: 2 A
Ripple≤ 350 μ V / 2 mA
ProtectionOCP, OVP, OTP
InterfacesUSB host/device, LAN, RS232, Digital IO
Display4.3" TFT
Dimensions355 x 240 x 168 mm
Weight10.2 kg


The UNI-T UDP3305 is supplied including:

  • Power cord
  • Test leads (banana to alligator clip, 1x red 1x black)
  • USB cable

Pros and cons

  • High resolution
  • Large power output
  • Waveform display


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