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This ESD-safe TS100 soldering iron with active point is not your average soldering iron. The iron has a very slim handle with screen and 65 Watts of power. The soldering iron is suitable for all soldering works you can think of and is very flexible. The iron can be powered with 12-24 V via the built-in DC5525 connector. This not only allows the iron to be powered by a socket, but it is also possible to power it with a battery. A power adapter is not included.

The active 65-Watt tip is heated up very quickly and remains a stable temperature. The software of the TS100 is open source, so it is easy to make adjustments to it. It is quite easy to create your own temperature curves, or to program a specific response. Built-in motion sensors allow the iron to quickly change between stand-by mode and operating temperature.

Soldering tips

This soldering iron comes with a round tip with type number TS-B2and has a radius of ~0.5 mm. In addition, we also offer a round tip, TS-I, with a radius of 0.2 mm and the chisel-shaped tip, TS-C4.


Power 65 Watts
Temperature stability ± 2 %
Tip to ground resistance < 2 Ω
Temperature range 100℃ - 400℃
Connectivity Micro-USB, DC5525
Weight 33 g


The TS100 comes with a:

  • Round soldering tip with a radius of ~0.5 mm (TS-B2)

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