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The tinySA ultra is a handheld 1kHz - 6 GHz spectrum analyser which is designed, developed and now sold from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The tinySA ultra is a follow-up to the tinySA. The differences between these two spectrum analysers is described in the model overview below. Moreover, this device comes with a 4.0 inch resistive touch color display which shows the full frequency range in 450 scan points, and has a rechargeable battery included for up to two hours of portable use. Furthermore, the analyser features two different modes: normal mode and ultra mode. Additionally, the tinySA ultra has many built-in configuration options such as a switchable bandpass filter and a low input step attenuator.

When the tinySA ultra is not used as a spectrum analyser, it can be also used as a signal generator to output sine or square waves.

The analyser can be fully controlled by a PC through a USB cable. It also features an automatic self-test and self-calibration through the built-in signal generator.

The tinySA and tinySA ultra developer has set up a very extensive wiki page with all necessary information, manuals, operating limits, and explanations. This wiki can be found here.
We sell the original version, be aware for many clones in the market!

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Model overview

Model tinySA tinySA ultra
Display Resistive touch, 2.8", 320x240 pixels Resistive touch, 4.0", 480x320 pixels
Modes Low input, High input, Low output, High output Normal mode, Ultra mode
Displayed point per scan Max 290 Max 450
SD card slot Not available Micro SD card
Audio output Not available 3.5 mm headphone plug
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Power supply5V USB (1.3 A Max)
Battery operation2 hours operation if fully charged
ESD protection
Spectrum analyser
Frequency range100 kHz - 800 MHz (normal mode)
100kHz - 6GHz (ultra mode)
Input impedance50 Ω (input attenuation > 10dB)
Compression point1dB at -1dBm with 0dB internal attenuation
Phase noise-90db/Hz at 100kHz offset, and -115dB/Hz at 1MHz offset
Dynamic rangeSpur free when using 30kHz RBW of 70dB
Absolute Power level accuracy+/- 2dB (after calibration)
Resolution filtersManual (0.2, 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 300, 600 and 850 kHz), or automatic
Signal generator
Frequency rangeSine wave output: 100kHz - 800MHz
Square wave output: up to 4.4 GHz when not used as a spectrum analyser
ShapeSine wave
Harmonicsbelow -40dB of fundamental from 100kHz - 800 MHz
FunctionalitiesAM, narrow FM and wide FM modulation
Level accuracy+/- 2dB up to 800Mhz between -72dBm and -18dBm, less accuracy below -72dBm
Output frequency resolution44Hz below 800 MHz
Reference generator
FrequencyCan be set to 1MHz, 2MHz, 4MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz or 30MHz.
ShapeSquare wave with fundamental at -35.6dBm connected to cal output


The tinySA ultra includes:

  • TinySA ultra spectrum analyser
  • Two SMA connection cables
  • Barrel connector
  • Antenna with SMA connector
  • USB-C charging cable


The TinySA ultra is an open source product with support from the community. Most questions are answered in the Wiki, for further problems you can go here. By default, ultra mode is disabled, but ultra mode can be enabled by following the instructions described on the Wiki. Therefore we do not provide technical support on the TinySA ultra. Warranty on the hardware is of course provided by Eleshop.

Pros and cons

  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Ultra mode has a frequency range up to 6 GHz
  • Built-in audio jack

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Review by Joseph 
Posted on 21/01/2023
Im an electronics engineer and mostly work with low speed signals, low noise and no radio. In other words, spectrum analyzers are outside of my regular tools.

This instrument is perfect for my use since its low cost and high performance for the price, it allows me to analyze the different frequency components of my circuits, something that's previously been a hassle. The built in LNA is a great feature since it allows me to directly connect field probes making the setup very continent.

Would recommend this product for people who need a spectrum analyzer occasionally and still want good performance while not spending many thousands for a benchtop SA.
Review by Alex 
Posted on 26/12/2022
The Tinysa ultra is an useful instruments, the specifications checked in laboratory are very good for sensitivity, frequency range, accuracy.
A cost/performance reference in the market.
Eleshop is a reliable , fast, professional supplier with its know how for test instruments.
There are well done Tinysa web sites, we technicians can get informations and partecipate to the improvements.