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This flagship GW Instek GPT-15004 500VA hi-pot tester is the first in the world to comply with IEC 61010-2-034. It is able to perform AC withstanding, DC withstanding, insulation resistance, ground bond, and ground continuity tests. This Hi-pot tester is a good choice due to its high accuracy/resolution and a maximum test voltage of 5 kV. Additionally, the GPT-15000 contains a sweep and tabular automatic test as well as a statistics function. The GPT-15000 series has a test capacity of 500VA and a capacitive load testing capability up to 47 μF. The testers are designed for ease of use, the high-resolution LCD display clearly shows which settings have been chosen and whether the test object meets the set requirements. The GPT-15000 can be connected to a computer via a USB host port, RS-232C for remote control and optionally GPIB in order to be able to store data.

When working with high voltages such as 5 kV, it is important that no safety problems occur. The testers are designed to minimize the chance of this happening, so when the test is completed or a dangerous situation occurs they switch off the voltage. The testers offer the possibility to save 100 default settings. Of these, 16 can be performed automatically at the touch of a button.

For a Hi-pot tester with the same specifications but lower maximum rated load you can look at the GPT-12000 series. Or a hi-pot tester with fewer capabilites such as no usb storage, No GC function, smaller screen, and no data memory, you can look at the GPT-9900 or GPT-9800 series.

For a high voltage adapter box, you can look at the GHT-117 or the GHT-118.


The difference between the models in the GPT-15000 series is explained in the table below.

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AC voltage range0.050 KV - 5 KV
AC voltage resolution 1 V
AC maximum rated load 500 VA (5 KV / 100 mA)
AC maximum rated current100 mA (0.5 KV < V ≤ 5 KV)
10 mA (0.05 KV ≤ V ≤ 0.5 KV)
DC voltage range0.050 KV - 6 KV
DC voltage resolution 1 V
DC maximum rated load 100W (5 KV / 20mA)
DC maximum rated current20 mA (0.5 KV < V≤ 6 KV); 2mA (0.05 KV ≤ V ≤ 0.5 KV)
IR voltage range50 V - 1200 V (dc)
IR voltage resolution 50 V
GB output current3 A - 32 A (ac)
GB current resolution 0.01 A
Memory 100 blocks
ConnectivityUSB host/device, RS-232C, Signal I/O, Remote control
Display7” color LCD
Dimensions380 x 148 x 546 mm
Weight21 kg

For the full specifications please refer to the manual below.


The GPT-15004 comes with:

  • 1 x Power cord
  • 1 x Interlock key
  • 1 x Remote terminal cable GHT-119
  • 1 x Test lead GHT-115
  • 1 x Test lead GHT-215

Pros and cons

  • USB storage
  • Ground continuity


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