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The Tekbox TBFL1 transient limiter is required between the LISN and the spectrum analyser in conducted emissions tests. Switching the DUT on and off will cause large peaks on the output of the LISN.

This Tekox TBFL1 is exceptional in that it offers very good protection and can withstand a lot of overload. It can handle a continuous power of 5 Watt and a peak power that is many times higher. As an extra protection, the TBFL1 contains a gas discharge tube that detonates above 50V. In terms of protection, this Tekbox is therefore much better than most other limiters.

In addition, the TBFL1 is fully specified up to 600MHz and therefore already ready for the future.

Tekbox TBFL1 specifications

  • Frequency range: 9 kHz - 600 MHz
  • Damping: 10 dB - 0.5/+1.2 dB in-band (9 kHz to 600 MHz)
  • HP filter attenuation: > 30 dB @ 2kHz
  • Max. continuous RF input power: 5W (+37 dBm) in-band
  • Max. DC input voltage ± 20V
  • Input matching, linear range: 9 kHz - 600 MHz < - 16 dB
  • Output matching, linear range: 9 kHz - 600 MHz < - 23 dB
  • Limiting threshold: +11 dBm (@ 37dBm input level)
  • Connections: N type (m) output and N type (f) input
  • Dimensions: 156 mm x 26 mm x 26 mm

Supplied in a neat wooden storage box.


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