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The CEM SMD-100 components tester is perfect for measuring the exact values of your SMD components!

The SMD training kit for hand soldering is perfect for practising soldering on different SMD components. Furthermore, the kit contains 110 components such as resistors ranging from very small resistors (0402) to 0805 resistors. In addition, the training kit includes other components such as QPF, SOP, and SOT. Please note that the sole purpose of this training kit is to practice your soldering skills and does not have an actual function.

The Eleshop team has created a convenient quick guide for this training kit. It can be found at the bottom of the page, labelled as 'SMD training kit 110pcs, contents + quick guide'.

The following components are included in this SMD training kit:

  • 1x PCB
  • 20x 0805 resistors
  • 34x 0603 resistors
  • 10x 0402 resistors
  • 6x 0603 resistor pack
  • 20x 0805 capacitors
  • 10x 3216
  • 6x S0T-23
  • 2x S0-14
  • 2x QFP44

Pros and cons

  • Great for practicing hand soldering
  • Contains components of various sizes to accommodate different skill levels