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The SDM3045X is a 60.000 count multimeter with dual display and high precision. This makes it well suited for applications in diverse areas like labs and educational environments.


The multimeters offer a variety of features like histogram or trend plots. They can display a bar chart or a variety of 'hold' values. All features can be easily accessed through the buttons on the device.


Through LAN or USB these devices can be programmed/controlled with a PC using the EasySDM software. Another possibility is control through the common SCPI command set. The SDM3045X can also store on USB storage devices.


Measurement specifications
Measurement Range Precision (smallest range)
Max. Voltage DC 1000 V ±0.01%±5
Max. Voltage AC 750 V ±2.0%±20
Max. Current DC 10 A ±0.05%±3
Max. Current AC 10 A ±2.0%±20
Max. resistance 100 MΩ ±0.04%±5
Max. capacitance 10.000 µF ±3.0%±10
Frequency 1 Hz - 500 kHz ±0.01%±3
Temperature (K-type) -270°C ~ +1760°C 0.5°C
Diode Test ±0.05%±3
Other properties Max, Min, Average, Standard Deviation, dBm/dB, Relative Measurement, Pass/Fail, Histogram, Trend Chart
Storage 1 Gb NAND
Display 60.000 count, 4 ½ digit4.3" TFT-LCD
Connectivity LAN, USB(host/device)
Dimensions 293.75 mm × 260.27 mm × 107.21 mm
Weight 3.76 kg

For more information the data sheet listed below can be consulted.


By means of the following options you can add additional features.

USB to GPIB With this option, you can can control the function generator through GPIB.


Siglent USB-GPIB adapter
123 €123.00 Excl. VAT


These multimeters come bundled with:

  • Measurement lead + alligator clips
  • USB cable
  • Power cord
  • Quick start guide
  • Guarantee card

Pros and cons

  • Very clear screen
  • No cooling noise
  • Trend measurement with graph
  • No built-in web server
  • Does not switch off completely (stand-by)


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