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The SDG2042X is part of the new SDG2000X series of function generators by Siglent. These generators offer 2 channels with a bandwidth up to 120 MHz at 1.2 GSa/s. The TrueArb and EasyPulse technologies decrease deficiencies found in other DDS generators. The function generators offer large signal outputs up to high frequencies. They are guaranteed to be capable of outputting 20 Vp-p for signals up to 20 MHz. With the 16 bit vertical resolution the SDG2000X series offer a very precise signal representation.

True Arb
With TrueArb the signals are generated point-by-point. Every data-point is processed individually without any concern of the points surrounding the data. This decreases jitter and error.
EasyPulse focusses mainly on square waves. Conventional DDS devices have difficulties with signals that have a frequency which isn't an integer-related multiple of the clock frequency. This causes jitter as can be seen in the image. The output isn't increased in the same clock cycle, causing the signal to be inconsistent. This is fixed in the SDG2000X series.

These function generators are easy to use. They offer a touchscreen interface along with hardware buttons. Using USB or LAN connection the devices can be connected to a pc allowing the user to program arbitrary waveforms. With the software the waveforms can be programmed by drawing them with the mouse, using formulas to calculate them, or through coordinates.

Apart from that the generators offer a diverse set of modulations. They can use AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK en DSB - AM modulations. The rise/fall times can be set individually from 8,4ns to 22,4s with steps of 100ps.


The models in de SDS2000X series differ mainly in bandwidth. Apart from that they are similar.

Analogue bandwidth 40 MHz 80 MHz 120 MHz


Sample rate 1.2 GSa/s
Vertical resolution 16 bit
Waveform length

8 Mpts

Frequency counter range 100 mHz - 200 MHz
Connectivity USB device, USB host, LAN
Weight 3.43 kg
Afmetingen 260.3 x 107.2 x 295.7 mm

To explain the functionality of the devices Siglent made a short film,


  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • CD-ROM with User Guide and software
  • Quick start guide
  • Product en calibration certificate
  • BNC coax cable


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Review by Marijn Slootweg 
Posted on 31/05/2016
Ik ben zeer tevreden over deze signaal generator. Ik gebruik het apparaat nu een aantal maanden als signaalbron voor een HF network analyser en dat is zeer goed bevallen. Harmonische en sporadische signalen zijn zeer beperkt en ik was vooral onder de indruk van de nauwkeurigheid van de de output in 50Ohm die ik op 0.05dB heb gemeten. Dit is aanzienlijk beter dan spec(0.3dB). Ik ben nog geen noemenswaardige minpunten tegen gekomen. Het is gewoon een zeer goed test instrument.


I'm very pleased with this signal generator. I've been using the unit for a few months now as a signal source for a HF network analyser and it's been solid. Harmonics and spurious signals are very low and I was especially impressed with the level accuracy of my unit which I measured at 0.05dB into 50Ohm. This is significantly better than spec(0.3dB). I have yet to find any significant downside to this product. It is just a very good piece of test equipment.