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Review by Darko Markovic 
Posted on 09/09/2019
This time I've got C245029 and C245102

They both work as any other JBC Active tip. Super fast and dynamic.

Word of warning I use tips as I see fit. If it works for me I use it that way. Sure I will see what other people do and what is trendy and will try it as well but if something else works for me better I will use the tip way it fits me.

For me C245029 is a microtip. Finest I need for now. To go smaller you have to go with T210 option anyways. With T210 you will limit the power as well.This one is simply enough for me. Very fine and very usable. Enabled me to fix one PCB with loose traces. That PCB was standing still for 6 months and now I was able to fix it with no issues. Lay it flat and you will be able to transfer more energy when needed. Very usable tip.

C245102 is a useful tip. You can use it as general tip but I've got it to be able to wick smaller surfaces with it. Works as I though it will. Heats up fast and has enough energy to ensure good transfer of heat. And as always, move wick and tip as one and use lowest working temperature not to unglue the traces and pads off the PCB.