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This Quick 709D+ rework system with an excellent price/quality ratio includes a very powerful 1350 Watt hot-air soldering station and a 70 Watt soldering station. Since the Quick 709D+ is a 2-in-1 design, it is multifunctional and saves space on your workbench. On the LCD display, a dynamic visual of the temperature of rework and soldering as well as the digital temperature calibration is shown. Moreover, the rework section as well as the soldering section of the Quick 709D+ have a temperature stability of ± 2 °C. The rework system comes with handles which are ergonomic, light and comfortable to use. Furthermore, the rework system is provided with functionalities such as intelligent auto sleeping and enery saving.


Hot-air soldering station
Power1350 W
Temperature range
100 °C - 500 °C
Air flow rate
50 L/min
Compressor typeFan
Temperature stability± 2 °C (Stationary air, no load)
Soldering station
Power70 W
Temperature range
100 °C - 480 °C
Tip systemPassive
Tip to earth resistance/voltage< 2 Ω / < 2 mV
Dimensions180 x 210 x 131 mm
Weight3.3 kg
Buy here your 709D+ tips

The Aoyue / Atten soldering tips are compatible with the Quick 709D+ rework system.


The Quick 709D+ comes by default with:

  • A1124 (2.5 mm ⌀ nozzle), A1130 (4.4 mm ⌀ nozzle), A1300 (8.4 mm ⌀ nozzle)
  • 1x 0.5 mm round tip
  • Power cord

Pros and cons

  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Saves space on the workbench
  • Includes a powerful hot-air soldering station
  • Does not have an active tip system


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