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The Micsig STO1004 oscilloscope is a digital oscilloscope with both a full-touchscreen as well as physical buttons. The tablet like properties combined with TPU+ABS protective shell make this oscilloscope ideal for both use at home as on the road.
The oscilloscope has a large 8" TFT touchscreen featuring 256-level intensity grading and a color temperature display. These features show more frequent signals with more brightness or a different color respectively. Furthermore, this oscilloscope features an ultra-deep memory of 70 Mpts, serial bus decoding/analysis and a high waveform capture rate. The STO1004 is able to be used in 3 operation modes: Fulltouch operation, Physical button control panel, and the Mixture of both.
The Micsig STO1004 has 31 automatic built-in measuring programs and a large 32GB internal storage. The software runs on a powerful Android system and works essentially the same as a tablet. For example, you can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi to send data, use iOS/Android remote control or take photos/videos. The scope also has an HDMI connection so that the scope can be connected for example to a beamer for a live demonstration. It is also possible to control the oscilloscope via remote control.


Bandwidth100 MHz
Sample rate1 GSa/S (single channel)
Memory depth 70 Mpts (single channel)
Capture rate130.000 wfm/s
Vertical scale 1 mV/div ~ 10 V/div (8 bits, 1MΩ input)
Horizontal scale2 ns/div ~ 1 ks/div
Decoding typeUART, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN
Display8" TFT LED Multi point touchscreen (800x600)
Internal storage32 GB
InterfacesWi-Fi, USB host, USB-C, Grounding, HDMI, trigger out
Battery (working time)7.4 V, 7500 mAh (~5 hours)
Dimensions265 x 192 x 50 mm
Weight1900 grams


The Micsig STO1004 digital oscilloscope comes with the following accessories:

  • 4 x Probe
  • Battery in the device
  • Power cord/adapter

Pros and cons

  • Both full-touch and buttons
  • Big internal storage