A current clamp is an electrical device that can be used to measure alternating current and direct current flowing through a cable or wire. They’re often used for monitoring and quality control to ensure current is flowing and flowing at the correct magnitude. Current clamps are great for measuring the currents of cables you cannot disconnect.


UNI-T UT210E current clamp and multimeter

The UNI-T UT210E is a handheld multimeter with an integrated current clamp. By means of the current clamp, AC and DC current up to 100 A can be measured safely. Furthermore, this multimeter can also measure DC/AC voltages, resistance and capacity. The 2000 counts display shows just enough for all basic applications.

Brymen BM037 current clamp

The Brymen BM037 is a compact current clamp with extensive functionality. As you are used to from Brymen, the BM037 meter is also of high quality, as the meter uses innovative AmpTip clamps for testing conductors in CATIII 600V areas, among other things. The meter has a 3 ⅚-digits display for easy and accurate reading of the measured values.

In addition to the standard measurement capabilities, the BM037 can also measure capacity, temperature, frequency and low-current and has True-RMS measurements. Compared to the BM031, the BM037 can measure AC as well as current through the clamps.

Korad KEL103 programmable DC electronic load 300W 120V 30A

The Koad KEL103 is an excellent programmable DC electronic load with 300W of power and high resolution of 0.1 mV and 0.1 mA. The load is programmable with a PC via various interfaces such as USB and RS232. It can be used in Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance and Constant Power modes. The applications of an electronic load are extensive. For example, it can be used to test power supplies, but there are many other applications. For example, it can easily test how a battery works. The electronic load has 100 sets of memory to store and easily retrieve specific settings.

Matrix MPS-3206 power supply 0-32V 0-6A

This modern compact lab power supply has features you normally only find on more expensive models, such as OVP and OCP. Despite the low price, the power supply is of high quality, for example because of the full copper terminals and the possibility for 24 hours continuous operation.

The current and voltage are adjustable and readable to 10mV/1mA, there are 5 memory groups and a separate on/off switch for the output. The lab power supply has an automatically controlled, silent fan.


Bas talks in this video about what a current clamp is and what is used for. Also, the workings of a current clamp are explained, and furthermore, what you need to think about when you want to buy a current clamp.