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This soldering tip cleaner provides a clean soldering tip in less than a second. Compared to other conventional processes this cleaner saves 2 seconds, which, at four cleanings per minute, can easily add up to one hour spared time in one day! The cleaner features an adjustable sensor allowing the cleaner to start rotating the brushes when the soldering tip is close and stop rotating once it is further away again. Via a button it is also possible to spin the brushes continuously via continuous mode. Furthermore, the cleaner has an ESD safe connector and a USB-B connector which can be used to connect your cleaner to your pc for updates and/or managing settings.


With this cleaner it is possible to choose between metal and non-metal brushes. This model includes the CLUP2 non-metal HMP brushes for the model with metal brushes you can order the JBC CLMU-A senior tip cleaner with metal brushes . Other types of brushes can be ordered separately using the blue button below.


Operating modesSensor and continuous
Brush diameter
Ø 50 mm
Brush speed
750 rpm
ESD safe
Dimensions128 x 131 x 137 mm
Weight2.1 kg
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The JBC CLMU-PB senior tip cleaner with non-metal brushes is delivered including:

  • CLUP2 non-metal HMP brushes (already installed)
  • Adapter

Pros and cons

  • Adjustable sensor
  • Soldering tip clean in less than 1 second


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