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This soldering station distinguishes itself thanks to the high peak power of 140 watt. The soldering station can be set analogously from 90 to 450 °C using the display and due to its high power it only takes 2 seconds to reach the desired temperature.

The built-in swipe and sleep function enables a prolonged life span of the soldering tip. The soldering iron will warm up very fast when you pick it up. Because of this, the soldering tip lasts up to 5 times longer.

The soldering station comes with an ergonomic hand piece, suited for the soldering of both SMD components and high power applications. There are no tips included. C245 soldering tips can be found via the blue button at the bottom of this page.

The soldering stations of JBC distinguish themselves from other stations due to the use of active tips. This results in a much faster heating time and also in a much bigger temperate stability during soldering, as can be seen in image 3. Because the heating element and temperature sensor are both entirely situated in the tip, the temperature can be controlled better and the difference in temperature between the tip and the rest of the soldering iron is very small. In addition, it is possible to replace the tips without the need to let them cool off first because tip exchange assistance is provided in the station.

It is optional to separately buy the T210 soldering iron (and C210 series soldering tips) and use it in combination with this station.


Power 140W / 75W
Temperature range
90 °C - 450 °C
Heating time
~ 2 sec
ESD safe
Sleep mode temperature 220 °C
Automatic sleep mode
Automatic standby
Dimensions162 x 153 x 115 mm
Weight2.6 kg
Buy your C245 tips here

This soldering station differs from the JBC CD-2BQF soldering station, 130 Watt because it does not have a digital display and USB connector. The power and provided accessories are the same.


The BT-2BQA comes with:

  • Soldering iron (T245)
  • Power cord
  • Tip exchange assistance
  • Soldering iron stand with brass wool

Pros and cons

  • Best possible heat transfer
  • Extremely fast
  • Huge choice in tips


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Review by Vadim Barshaw 
Posted on 16/02/2024
The Specifications section on page 11 of the Instruction Manual clearly says:

- Power: 75W

The caption of this web page says "140Watt".

What will I get for my money -- a 75W station or a 140W station?

- - -

Reply Eleshop: It has a 140W peak power. To boost it e.g. from room temperature to the set temperature in ~2 sec. After that the normal power input is 75W which is more than sufficient to keep the temperature stable.
Review by Ricardo 
Posted on 14/03/2023
Got this station a few months ago and can only say good things about it, really well made product.
Review by Juhana Siren 
Posted on 06/04/2021
The fast heating is superb. Tips can be easily changed as the job requires. Combined with the high power this makes easy work of jobs involving both tiny SMD components, through hole parts with large ground planes, and sheet metal parts such as RF shields or SD card readers.
Review by ohumurzhy 
Posted on 19/12/2020
Got my new station couple days ago, but already love it. Much smaller than I expected and it`s great. Just for experiment have soldered coin - a bit slower than regular wire (230C). Special thanks to guys, who advised me. Conclusion - great soldering station, easy to use, a lot of power, changeable cartridges.
Review by Darko Markovic 
Posted on 15/08/2019
This is the Black Magic. You can't believe it until you try it. Why haven't I had this all my life?
Iron is super light and handy, lead is soft and thin and light, Station is casted from some metal and very heavy. Everything fits perfect and works perfect. Pen is size of a toy and still it kicks major ass. Still do not get it how is this possible. I know the explanation but still such a small thing with such a little mass and still can do big stuff!?? Great. Forget all other products and get this and enjoy your soldering. Till you bring pen to the working peace it is ready for work. Materials used are top notch. There is no standby switch to brake as it grounds the iron and senses that and uses it to go to sleep and after it to hibernate. Epic tool. Long time ago at my work I have had WS51 Weller and it was great. This is just another world all together. So may soldering irons that I have or have had and it was all useless compering to this. I hope you do not repeat my mistake go for JBC product. No I do nto work for them and I do not get anything for free. It is just that good.