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This Hakko FX-305 soldering pot has a maximum temperature of 500 °C and very high power. The solder in the pot melts in just 8 minutes, thanks to the ability to select the composition of the solder. Additionally, the FX-305 comes with a solder pot cover that makes the process of melting the solder safer by preventing splashing. The soldering pot can be attached to the workbench to ensure safe operation. Moreover, the soldering pot has a convenient LCD display that shows information such as the set temperature and the temperature in the pot even while the heater is off. Furthermore, the soldering pot has a timer function which is also shown on the LCD display. Finally, the FX-305 can be connected to a PC via a USB cable to save various settings and calibration results, and to adjust parameters and temperature more quickly and easily.

Information about ordering accessories for the Hakko FX-305 can be obtained by contacting Eleshop via email.


Solder pot dimensions75 x 42.5 x 75 mm
Molten solder capacity1.9 kg
Power consumption640 W (230 V)
ESD safe
Temperature range50 - 500 ℃
Compatible solder compositionsSn-Pb, Sn-Ag-Cu, Sn-Cu, Sn, Sn-Bi
Dimensions (main unit only)162 x 100 x 239 mm
Weight2.5 kg
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The FX-305 comes by default with:

  • Solder pot cover
  • Solder waste collector
  • Spatula
  • Hexagon wrench (size 2 mm)
  • USB cable
  • Power cord

Pros and cons

  • Accurately adjustable temperature
  • Heating element can be easily replaced


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