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With this compact USB-C thermal camera you can easily turn a recent Android smartphone into a full-fledged thermal imaging camera. The resolution of 120x90 pixels is sufficient to perform quick inspections of buildings or electrical installations. The required accompanying app supports up to 3 points, 1 line and two rectangles.

Because there is no battery, the MobIR Air thermal camera is always ready for use. The power consumption is low so you can use the camera up to hours (depending on your phone).

In the range of -20 to 120 degrees, temperature differences of less than 0.1 degrees Celsius can already be detected. The camera has a wide viewing angle of 50 degrees and a fast refresh rate of 25 Hz.

A handy storage box is included to safely carry the camera in your pocket or bag.

Model overview

The Air model is the entry-level model and has all the basic functionality. The 2 series offers higher resolution and potentially additional features depending on the FOV.

Model Air 2S 2T
IR resolution 120x90 px (10.8k) 256x192 px (49.2k) 256x192 px (49.2k)
FOV 50° 25° 56°
Measuring range -20 - 120 °C -20 - 150 °C -20 - 150 °C
Extra functions - night mode
human and vehicle recognition/range
body thermometer
Dimensions (LBH) 50x14x18 mm 59x24x20 mm 59x24x16 mm
Price 139 €139.00 Excl. VAT 371.07 €371.07 Excl. VAT 349 €349.00 Excl. VAT

Pros and cons

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Requires smartphone


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